Free Social Media Analytics Software: 6 Software For Your Business

Free Social Media Analytics Software: 6 Software For Your Business

For the majority of brands today, using social media is second nature, but if you want to get the most out of it, you need tools to make sense of what’s being said and by whom. Tools for social media analytics come in numerous forms and sizes, ranging from free and specialized to enterprise-level and all-encompassing.

You can get fresh insights for your brand by using the list of free social media analytics software we’ve provided below. (It should be noted that most of these tools also have paid alternatives.) We’ve added suggestions from knowledgeable social media experts to certify these tools.

Free Social Media Analytics Software

Free Social Media Analytics Software

Pinterest Analytics

A Pew study found that 42% of American internet women currently use Pinterest. The website is a marketing force to be contended with with 100m active monthly visitors.

The Pinterest Analytics tool provides you with thorough performance insights if you’re a corporate user. The dashboard view displays your top performing pins together with impression statistics for your audience and profile on your home page.

To assist you improve your marketing efforts and spot your competitors, Pinterest Analytics breaks down your readers by gender, language, country, and even metro areas.

The Interests tab, which can be found in the “Your Audience” section of the tool, is one of our favorites. With photos that you can click on, this cute little area reveals the interests of your target audience. However, it is important to note that they are not presented in order of popularity, so keep that in mind when utilizing this tool.


Another Pinterest tool that can help you get the most out of your followers is ViralWoot. It may be utilized with personal accounts, unlike Pinterest Analytics, and it is a service designed to increase your following through “seeds.”

You can search for other ViralWoot users who are interested in topics similar to your own, follow them to earn seeds, and then reward others with seeds for following you. Another simple choice is to schedule pins in advance.

Their free tool is not as effective as Pinterest Analytics for tracking the performance of your account, but they are developing additional capabilities, so it could be worthwhile to check back occasionally.


The free social media analytics software of Quintly is an online social media analytics tool that allows you to track three Facebook pages simultaneously. You’ll be able to see the main engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and follower growth. You can compare your stats with your main competitors to improve your social media marketing strategy.

If you’re prepared to pay, this dashboard tool will cover multiple Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagramm, and YouTube. The dashboard can then be customized to suit your business needs and track the metrics that are important to you.


With the free social media analytics software of Keyhole search, you can follow companies and marketing initiatives using a visual dashboard with numerous charts and graphs. It even has a subjects cloud that displays the phrases most frequently related with your search terms.

The dashboard view shows statistics like RTs, responses, and original posts along with the top websites and a timeline of your topic’s popularity. Be aware that sample data is included in the preview.

You can view geography and demographic information along with the top sources for your query to better your understanding of social media analytics. You can track new articles and download your report with the option to bookmark your search.


A free Moz App called Followerwonk gives you a full overview of your followers as well as activity while allowing you to keep track of your Twitter account’s social authority rankings. You can enter other Twitter handles, including those of your rivals, for a fee to access several profiles. Investigate your followers’ activity and discover relevant information about them, such as their names, locations, the times they tweet, the number of followers they have, and the people they follow.

You can optimize your social media online presence with the help of Followerwonk data, which will also help you build brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Because Twitter bios can be easily searched, it’s simple to find and interact with anyone. You can also look at competitors’ profiles to see what is working for them.

Locating new influencers for your brand is made possible by being able to evaluate your Twitter account to those of your rivals or leading figures in your sector.


There are paid and unpaid basic versions of SumAll. You may get a fantastic overview with the free plan’s interactive social media dashboard. Along with popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can also integrate accounts from Tumblr, Moz, Vimeo, MailChimp, and Google Analytics.

There are options for sending daily and weekly digest emails as well as automated performance and then thank you tweets, a function that in our experience was a little challenging to turn off.

SumAll offers excellent aesthetics, but in order to access the feature, you must create an account.


This list of free social media analytics software demonstrates the wealth of tools available for monitoring consumer attitudes, opinions, sentiment, and online activities, with the finest of them providing alternatives for web and social media analytics. To stay ahead of knowledgeable competition, you must monitor all of these and more, therefore having the right analytics solutions that can deliver real-time actionable intelligence is essential. Which platform should you use? You have the choice. You may receive a lot more for your money, but there is something to be argued for the adage that you get what you pay for. You can survive, at least temporarily, on something that is totally free. 

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