Raw Vietnamese Hair Reviews The Most Honest Reviews From Customers

On the current market for hair extensions, distributors from all over the world are curious as to whether Vietnamese raw hair is as excellent as it is rumored to be. This blog will provide detailed customer raw Vietnamese hair reviews to bring a comprehensive view.

  1.  Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: Must-know things about raw Vietnamese hair 

Below are useful information about raw Vietnamese hair including its definition, origin and characteristics:

1.1. Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: what is Vietnamese raw hair

As per raw Vietnamese hair reviews, Vietnamese raw hair is 100% natural human hair that is taken directly from Vietnamese women hair and kept in its natural state, without being dyed or styled. In other words, Vietnamese raw hair has not been subjected to any chemical or heat treatment and retains its natural cuticles.

Raw Vietnamese hair - one of the best types of raw hair  in the world

Raw Vietnamese hair – one of the best types of raw hair in the world

1.2. Raw Vietnamese hair reviews about its origin 

According to raw hair Vietnam reviews, Vietnamese raw hair is totally human hair Vietnam that is primarily sourced from rural areas and mountainous regions in northern Vietnam. Women  here continue the tradition of maintaining long hair. 

There are two varieties of Vietnamese raw hair: 

  • Virgin hair: collected from a single donor, is nearly uniform in colour and quality. 
  • Remy hair: taken from multiple donors, resulting in variations in colour and quality within the same bundle. 

Because virgin hair is very rare today and hair from single donor is not enough to make a complete product, raw Vietnamese hair discussed in raw Vietnamese hair reviews can be understood remy hair. 

1.3. Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: Characteristics of Vietnamese raw hair 

Vietnamese raw hair is resilient, silky and smooth, durable and easy to style according to reviews of raw Vietnamese hair. This is due to the fact that it is collected from Vietnamese women who care for their hair naturally with herbs and without chemicals. 

Moreover, as a result of their natural characteristics and mild climate, raw hair Vietnam, as per raw Vietnamese reviews, is naturally straight, extremely smooth and soft.

  1. Objective raw Vietnamese hair reviews from international customers

Customers having experienced the products themselves are the most dependable and objective reviewers, as they can identify both the product’s strengths and weaknesses. As per raw Vietnamese hair reviews, the pros and cons of Vietnamese raw hair are summarized below. 

2.1. Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: pros of Vietnamese raw hair

You can find numerous reviews about Vietnamese raw hair on the Internet, Youtube, and social networks. As mentioned in raw hair Vietnam reviews, Vietnamese raw hair has numerous benefits: 

  • Vietnamese raw hair is indicated to be of superior quality in the customers’ raw Vietnamese hair reviews because: 
    • As stated previously, Vietnamese raw hair has a stunning appearance: it is naturally straight, soft,  shiny, and smooth. All create a flawless appearance that is highly praised by customers. 
    • Raw Vietnamese hair has an incredible length up to 38 inches, whereas raw hair sourced from other nations has a length of 30 inches in maximum; therefore, it is the best choice for customers who prefer long hair, as evidenced by their raw Vietnamese hair reviews. 
    • Those having purchased raw Vietnamese hair appreciate that it is easy to style and retains its style for a long period of time. In special, Vietnamese raw hair is bleachable and can be coloured in vibrant hues such as 613. 
    • Customers using Vietnamese raw hair for an extended period of time  recommend using raw Vietnamese hair in raw hair Vietnam reviews  because of its superior durability, which can last up to five to seven years with proper maintenance. 
  • According to raw Vietnamese hair reviews, the next benefit of raw Vietnamese hair is affordable prices: 
    • It is believed that the prices of Vietnamese raw hair are competitive when compared to many countries that are entering the global hair market. Customers can purchase 100g of hair for as little as $9, whereas in other countries, they can have to use $20. 
    • In addition, international shipping is facilitated by pro-exports policies and a steady political situation in Vietnam, leading to low taxes and delivery costs. Therefore, the total cost of purchasing raw Vietnamese hair can be significantly less than other countries. 

2.2. Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: the disadvantages of raw Vietnamese hair

Negligence is unavoidable in business, particularly in the world hair industry. There are several negative aspects of Vietnamese raw hair that the customers should be aware of, including the following: 

  • Because hair factories in Vietnam frequently don’t have goods available in bulk and require production time (from 5-10 days), shipment is sometimes cited as being longer than the expectations of the customers in raw Vietnamese hair reviews. 
  • Unpleasant hair odor: some hair factories in Vietnam use some types of hair conditioner with an unpleasant odor, resulting in dissatisfied customers, as reflected in raw Vietnamese hair reviews. 

These aforementioned disadvantages can be significantly enhanced. Numerous hair factories in Vietnam are enlarging their scales of production in order to reduce production time and discover alternative hair conditioner types that have a more pleasant odor. Raw  Vietnamese hair continues to be recommended as a worthwhile purchase by seasoned customers in raw hair Vietnam reviews due to its excellent quality and affordable prices.

  1. Some Vietnamese hair factories are frequently mentioned in raw Vietnamese hair reviews. 

To select the best raw hair suppliers in Vietnam, you must conduct a thorough research in raw Vietnamese hair reviews. Let’s see what customers have to say about some famous hair factories in Vietnam 

3.1. Mic Hair – top 1 famous Vietnamese hair factories according to raw Vietnamese hair reviews 

Mic Hair is one of the leading and biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience. When mentioning the best raw hair in Vietnam, raw hair from Mic Hair is always in the top list.

  • Main products:: bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontals. 
  • Price: a little expensive, Starting at $129 per kilogramme of straight hair  
  • Mic Hair gains positive reviews for its Vietnamese raw hair from customers. The majority of customers are satisfied with its raw hair, and the price is quite high but the quality is worth it. 

Mic hair’s raw hair receives numerous compliments for its beautiful appearance and ability to retain its style and color despite being repeatedly washed. Because they use too much hair conditioner on their hair, customers must wash their hair multiple times in order to remove the glue, according to some raw Vietnamese hair reviews. 

3.2. 5S Hair – top 2 famous Vietnamese hair factories according to raw Vietnamese hair reviews 

5S Hair is among the best hair suppliers in Vietnam supplying high quality hair.

​​5S Hair - top 2 famous Vietnamese hair factories according to raw Vietnamese hair reviews

​​5S Hair – top 2 famous Vietnamese hair factories according to raw Vietnamese hair reviews

  • Main products: Hair weft (bone straight, wavy and curly hair), raw hair are the primary products. 
  • Price: reasonable at 88 dollars for 1 kilogramme of 8-inch straight hair 
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: According to reviews from customers, 5S Hair provides high quality raw hair at affordable prices. In many raw hair Vietnam reviews, customers claim that raw hair from 5S Hair is relatively strong, but still soft and silky. They can bleach any color, even the lightest tones such as 613 with this type of hair. 

3.3. K-Hair – top 3 famous Vietnamese hair factories according to raw Vietnamese hair reviews

K Hair is among the largest and most prominent suppliers of raw hair in Vietnam. 

  • Main products: hair weft in numerous textures like bone straight, natural straight, deep wave, body wave, curly, deep curly,… and raw hair 
  • Price is reasonable, starting at $11.4 for 1 kilogramme of straight hair 8 inches
  • Raw Vietnamese hair reviews: 
    • K-hair is admired for its capacity to fulfill bulk orders of raw hair at affordable prices. 
    • However, it is likely that K-Hair has neglected product quality due to its high production volume, resulting in a greater number of complaints. Many customers believe there is little difference between super double drawn and double drawn in terms of quality.

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