Vin Hair Vendor and secrets behind make them popular in industry

Hair extensions are a frequent item among women, and I am convinced that all women are seeking and eager to get the most aesthetically acceptable wig imaginable. Vin Hair Vendor will be suggested to assist you.

Vin hair vendor - One of the most popular Vietnamese hair vendors

Vin hair vendor – One of the most popular Vietnamese hair vendors


1. The history of the establishment of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor was founded on January 28, 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vin Hair Vendor is an astonishing success story: Starting with two small hair salons with the sole purpose of collecting Remy hair and virgin hair from Vietnamese women, in 2010. Only about 5 years later, they have become a big company with seven franchised stores spread across the country. And become a company that revolutionizes hair products in Vietnam. To this day, Vin Hair Vendor has been very developed, establishing its own factory with 10 franchised stores.

2. Hair products from Vin Hair Vendor

One of the top reasons why Vin Hair Vendor exists and develops to this day is the hair products they provide to customers. Let’s find out how their hair products are of such quality that they are so sought after

2.1. Origin and features of hair products from Vin Hair Vendor

It can be affirmed that we are a Vietnamese raw hair seller providing the same excellent quality as those offered at Vin Hair supplier. Since our inception, we have always put this goal at the forefront of our operations. How can we claim that?

  • Origin: 
    • All hair products of Vin Hair Vendor are sourced from Vietnamese women, most of whom live in the high mountains or belong to ethnic minorities. These women take care of their hair completely with natural ingredients like grapefruit or locust. They also have never used chemicals or heat on their hair.
    •  Currently, the hair source of Vin Hair Vendor comes from two main types: remy hair and virgin hair. While virgin hair is obtained from only one person, remy hair is obtained from 2-3 people with similar hair. In fact, Remy hair will appear more in hair products of Vin Hair Vendor.
  • Features: 
    • Raw Vietnamese hair is not combined with other types of hair. It is possible to say that Vietnamese human hair is among the most attractive in the world thanks to appropriate nutrition and chemical-free hair care practices.
    • The outstanding features of hair products from Vin Hair Vendor are soft, straight and with natural, healthy shine. In addition, the aforementioned qualities allow the hair to remain healthy and soft after styling.
Natural black straight hair from Vin hair vendor

Natural black straight hair from Vin hair vendor

  • Vin Hair Vendor’s hair products have a variety of styles from curly to wavy, along with an infinite palette of colors that customers can re-dyed. In particular, at Vin Hair Vendor, customers can experience dyed hair up to color 613 – a favorite color for hair lovers in particular and suppliers in general.

With only the above characteristics that Vin Hair Vendor’s hair products own, it can be said that it has gained a great advantage in terms of product quality compared to other suppliers. That’s one of the reasons they are so loved. 

2.2. Scale production of Vin Hair Vendor

Currently, Vin Hair Vendor owns a hair factory – a factor that helps their products always meet all the needs of customers.

  • The current factory of Vin Hair Vendor is located in Bac Ninh city, Vietnam. Therefore, customers can feel assured and secure when buying at Vin Hair Vendor. 
  • Vin Hair Vendor’s factory has a fairly large scale and is equipped with modern production lines. This helps Vin Hair Vendor to be able to meet all orders, from small to large. 
  • The workers in the factory of Vin Hair Vendor are all skilled workers, coming from the traditional hairdressing villages of Vietnam since ancient times. Therefore, each of their products is checked very carefully and thoroughly before reaching the hands of customers
  • It is also thanks to having its own factory, that Vin Hair Vendor does not have to depend on anyone as well as each product they provide is of the same quality at any time.

Although Vietnam is famous for hair extensions and has many suppliers, Vin Hair Vendor  is one of the few hair suppliers in Vietnam that has its own factory.

2.3. Vin Hair Vendor provides hair products at competitive prices

Customers may optimize their profits by buying at Vin Hair Vendor because not only do they provide the highest quality products, but they also provide the most competitive pricing. How is it that Vin Hair Vendor can make such a claim?

  • Vin Hair Vendor is located directly in the raw materials area, which reduces transportation and storage expenses. When costs decline, the sale price will undoubtedly fall.
  • It is conceivable to argue that Vietnam’s labor expenses are among the lowest in the world thanks to the country’s enormous labor force. In addition, each person is very skilled and versatile, thus the organization does not require a huge number of employees.
Prices of hair products from Vin hair vendor

Prices of hair products from Vin hair vendor

  • Due to the exceptional quality of the raw hair, Vin Hair Vendor does not need to spend a great deal of time or money processing it. For example, hair sellers in Africa must undergo further straightening prior to curling their wares, while those in Vietnam may obtain comparably tight curls on unprocessed hair. In addition to being economical, this helps maintain the hair’s remarkable features.
  • Because the hair is mainly obtained from women living in the high mountains and ethnic minority women, the price they ask for is not as high as in other places. This is also one thing that helps Vin Hair Vendor to sell their hair extension products at a competitive price. 

Vin Hair Vendor is a good place to get hair from if you want to start your own business. It has all of the benefits listed above. If you are curious about our hair extensions and want to learn more about Vin Hair Supplier, visit our website.

Do not miss this blog if you are interested in how to import hair from Vietnam and begin a hair business. Everything from what you’ll need to know to the potential challenges you may encounter is detailed in this article:

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